Gambling Disorder Research

Our Program

The Gambling Disorder Research Program is directed by Dr. David Ledgerwood, Clinical Psychologist (Michigan) and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, MI. Our mission is to conduct clinical research on the treatment and etiology of pathological gambling and related problems, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of people who suffer from gambling disorders. Current studies include:


1)   Studies of impulsivity and executive function in problem gamblers


2)   fMRI approaches to understanding reward processes in gambling disorders


3)   Computer-based approaches to treatment outreach in primary care health settings


4)   Biological and psychological pathways to pathological gambling 


5)   Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral and motivational interviewing treatment approaches


Our current projects involve transfering evidence based practices (e.g., Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy) to community care. Our research program has received funding from several agencies, including National Institutes of Health, State of Michigan and Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre. We have published a number of articles on gambling disorders. See our Publications page for a detailed list of problem gambling chapters and journal articles.

Additionally, we have participated in several training workshops and presentations. Dr. Ledgerwood has been invited to provide training for several state and local organizations. A detailed list of our recent workshops and invited presentations is presented on our Invited Presentations page.

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